Hot ass and pussy smother facesitting is the name of the game when two sexy lesbian girls decide to go topless and play a little game of "sit on my face" while wearing see-thru pantyhose! Talk about the scent of a woman! Come enjoy the tart and tangy aroma when pantyhose facesitting babes decide to take a face ride!
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Smelling Hot Crack!

"Jenny and Marcy were trying on pantyhose one day when they started to mess around. They had been lesbian lovers for a few months now, and the girls often liked to rough house and wrestle, which usually led to some pretty marathon pussy licking sessions! But today, things got a little out of hand when Jenny decided to make Marcy smell her pussy through her pantyhose. "Smell that, bitch!" she shouted as she sat on Marcy's face "Tell me how much you want to LICK ME!" .."

Pussy Smother!

"Jenny started to grind her crotch back and forth across Mary's face, the sheer nylon fabric hot and becoming wet with her aroused pussy sliding across the other girl's nose and mouth. "Get some!" Jenny hissed "Let me feel your tongue on my clit!" Marcy was enjoying the delightful feel and smell of her lover's pussy, but this was getting a little TOO rough...and slightly degrading! She started to struggle to free herself from under Jenny's big ass ..."
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Forced To Smell Twat!

"Oh, no, my little pussy slut" Jenny roared as she pinned the other girl down beneath her "Get a GOOD long whiff of that hot bitch pussy! I want you to TELL me how SWEET it smells!" Marcy struggled but she couldn't free herself from Jenny's powerful grasp. She gasped for breath beneath the other girl's pussy, the fabric of her pantyhose now becoming raspy and rough against her soft skin. "Get OFF!" she tried to shout "I can't breath!" But Jenny just laughed and sat even harder on the poor girl's face .."

Face Riding!

"Come on, suck my clit!" Jenny yelled "Suck it right through my pantyhose, you little lesbo whore!" She was crazed with passion as she felt her big hard clit rubbing back and forth against the trapped girl's chin. She was face riding the poor girl for all she was worth, grinding and rubbing her pussy harder and harder across Marcy's face. "Make me cum you little slut!" she bellowed "Suck that pussy HARDER!" Marcy's face was literally soaked by the wetness of Jenny's aroused pussy, the warm juices flowing down her cheeks and soaking the carpet below..."
a pantyhose facesitting babes picture
a pantyhose facesitting babes picture

Pantyhose Facesitting Orgasm!

"The pace of Jenny's face riding got faster and faster, her wet pussy making a squishing noise through her pantyhose as she rode Marcy's face back and forth. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed as she felt wave after wave of hot orgasmic sensations tear through her body and make her big clit throb and burn. "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGG!" she yelled as she slammed her crotch against Marcy's face "SUCK IT!" Marcy thought she was going to suffocate beneath her lesbian lover's hot gushing pussy, the pantyhose filling her nose and mouth with pungent wet pussy. And then it was over! Jenny slid off of her face, licked her clean and then said "Okay, baby, YOUR TURN!"

The two topless sluts spent the rest of the day giving each other the hardest, SMELLIEST pantyhose facesitting sessions EVER!"
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